Belated happy birthday wishes SMS messages

Did you forget to send a birthday wish to your friend in time? If you are late, you can still send him a funny bday sms message that will make him happy. Here are a few belated happy birthday wishes messages that you can send to your friend or family via sms.

10 funny belated sms birthday wishes messages

Belated birthday wishes

Belated birthday wishes

1) I am wishing you a happy belated birthday.

2) Although I was late with my birthday wish to you, I wish you that all your wishes will fulfilled on time.

3) Sending you the best wishes for your birthday afterwards.

4) Sorry I’m late… Your birthday wish. (Funny)

5) They say it’s better late than never, so happy birthday to my friend.

6) I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday, please don’t forget mine.

7) It’s never to late to say happy birthday to a good friend, so happy birthday.

8) I hope that you had fun in your birthday party, maybe it’s a bit late but I promise to buy you a present.

9) Fashionably late. Happy birthday my friend.

10) Your birthday date escaped me, but you are always on my mind.

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