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50th birthday wishes

Happy 50th birthday wishes

Would you like to wish a friend happy 50th birthday but not sure how to do so? There are lots of good ways to wish happy 50th birthday, here we have some of the nicest and funniest 50th birthday wishes for a friend, sister, brother or a coworker. Read more »

Happy birthday wishes in Hindi

Happy birthday wishes in Hindi

Hey guys, here we are bringing some fresh and new birthday wishing messages for your loved ones/ family members/ friends/ relatives in Hindi. You can share them on Facebook and on your other social profiles, I hope you would like them.

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Thank You Messages for All The Birthday Wishes Quotes

The best thank you for birthday wishes and thank you for birthday messages examples

When someone is sending you a wish to your birthday you want to tell him that you appreciate it, on this page you can find examples of words and sentences you can tell this person such thing, here are few ways to say thank you that you can just copy, paste and send now.

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Lisa and her birthday messages

This is a story about Lisa and her birthday messages

Lisa’s 7th birthday

Long long time ago, when Lisa was just a little girl, she remember that she had her 7th Birthday, Read more »