Lisa and her birthday messages

This is a story about Lisa and her birthday messages

Lisa’s 7th birthday

Long long time ago, when Lisa was just a little girl, she remember that she had her 7th Birthday, she woke up that morning very sad. Lisa was sad because she thought that no one will remember that she has a birthday, and that no one will send her a birthday message.

Happy Birthday messages for Lisa

Happy Birthday messages for Lisa

Morning of birthday

When she got out of her bad, she went to eat breakfast with her mother Sheila, the first thing that she saw on the table were 2 Birthday messages, one from her mother and the other birthday message was from her old brother, Mike, he was almost 15 years old at the time.

Birthday getting better

Lisa became more happy because she already recived 2 funny birthday messages, but she was wondering why her father Micheal didn’t leave her a Birthday message too, she asked her mom: “Why Daddy did’nt leave me a message for my birthday like you and Mike did?”, But Sheila didn’t knew the answer for that question.

Happy birthday In kindergarden

Like every day, Lisa’s mother took her to the Kindergarten, when Lias first open the kindergarden gate, all the kids were starting to sing her in one big voice: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Lisa, Happy Birthday to you…” The kids were singing that song for Lisa about 4 times, and then every Kid gave Lisa a unique Birthday message, In the end of that day she got back home with more then 25 birthday messages.

The best Birthday ever!

When Lisa got back from the kindergarden, it was about Five in the afternoon, she knocked on the door and her father Micheal opened the door, the very first thing she saw in his hand was a… birthday message! Lisa was so excited about this, she kissed her father, and ran to her room with all of the messages she got for her Birthday, she read them all, one by one, and hung them all on the wall as a souvenir for her great 7th Birthday.

End of Story about Lisa and her Birthday messages.

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