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Happy Birthday Message is a website that provides free birthday messages and birthday wishes to share with the loving people in our life.

On this website you can find happy, funny and thank you birthday wishes that you can send to your friend, sister, husband, mom, wife, dad, brother etc…

We are offering free greeting cards service: you can send us your wishes, and we will put your text on nice images, so you can send them to your friends, and we are doing all of that for free, you can call us your free personal birthday greeting cards and images factory.

By using this site you can let your friends know that you remember their birthday, that you care about them and that you want to wish them the best.

This site has been created to make it simple, so you can send funny birthday messages to your friends and family birthdays, any day of the year, 100% free

This is a free to use site, there is no need to register to this website.

We are updating this website on a weekly basis, if you have found a problem on this website or if you have a question please let us know.

Likewise, we will be very happy to receive feedback about our activity, feel free to contact us at any given moment.