Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy birthday wishes for daughter

Would you like to send a cute birthday wish for your daughter via social (Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter) or via email?

The best birthday messages for a daughter

Here you can find all types of special happy birthday wishes for daughter, wonderful and special birthday wishes for daughter to send to your precious child when her special day of the year comes.

Select a birthday message for your daughter below.

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Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter

Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter

Today I would like to wish happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter in the all wide world.

Yes, this is your special day and now you have grown.

I want to wish you that you will keep doing the things you love the most, the things that are making you happy.

I hope that you will always stay truthful to your heart, and that you will keep making me laugh every single day of my life. 🙂

That’s it little daughter, this is my birthday message to you for this year.

Just always remember that I love you.

Happy Birthday Becky

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!!

You have grown into a beautiful young lady. I’m very proud of you.

Chase challenges and rainbows you can succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Follow your dreams and your heart.

I love you very much always and forever.

Love Mom🎶🎉🌈🎂🍨💗💕

Happy Birthday daughter

Happy Birthday to the best daughter in law in the world! Love you and hope you have the best day💕💕

Happy 24th birthday to my daughter

Happy 24th birthday to my beautiful daughter

Happy 24th birthday my child, my pride, my friend, my caretaker in my golden years! Thank you for all the joy, the challenges & the moments of living we shared.

I wish you good health, peace & greater passion to pursue your dreams. I am impressed at how resilient, strong & independent you’re becoming – no doubt, you’ll shine brightly for us!

Love you to the moon & back!


Enjoy your day and have fun

Happy birthday to my cute daughter! Love you lots, have a great birthday, enjoy your day and have fun as much as you possibly can.

– Dad